Why have I received a Parking Charge Notice?

The Terms and Conditions for parking are displayed on signs at the entrance to and throughout the car park, which is a legal requirement and establishes a contract which any driver of a vehicle staying in the car park agrees to. In the event that these Terms and Conditions are contravened, a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued. This may be for overstaying a free time period, not paying for your parking or other conditions specified on the signs. The signs also display the amount of the PCN.

If you dispute the above and maintain that the Parking Charge has been incorrectly issued because you did not contravene the Terms and Conditions displayed on the signs, or there are mitigating circumstances which you believe exempt you from the Terms and Conditions, you may appeal using this website.

What will happen if I ignore the Parking Charge Notice?

Failure to pay or appeal the PCN within 14 days of the date it was issued will result in the early payment discount no longer being applicable to your case. The amount payable will increase to the full amount due, which is shown clearly on the PCN and is also displayed on the signs.

If no payment or appeal is received within 28 days of the date your PCN was issued, the case may be escalated for further action. This includes, but is not limited to, Debt Collection and may ultimately result in Court action and further costs may be incurred.

How can I pay my Parking Charge Notice?

Please find below the payment options available to pay your PCN:

Online: www.parkingchargepayment.com
By Telephone: Credit/Debit cards via our automated payment line: 0844 371 8784
By Post: Cheques or Postal Orders to:GroupNexus PO Box 14836, London, NW3 1WT

How can I appeal my Parking Charge Notice?

To appeal your PCN, complete the online form on this website. Please note that you should provide as much evidence as possible demonstrating either that the Notice was issued incorrectly, you did not contravene the Terms and Conditions or that there were extreme and unavoidable mitigating circumstances which you believe exempt you from the Terms and Conditions of parking at that site.

I should not have received this Parking Charge Notice as I am a member of staff.

If you believe you were entitled to park at the site where you received your PCN as you are a member of staff, we advise that you contact your manager who will be able to arrange for a valid electronic permit to be registered for your vehicle. Your manager will also be able to contact us with instructions to cancel your Notice if you were entitled to park at the site on the date in question.

Your website does not recognise my Parking Charge Notice. What should I do?

Please double check that you have entered your PCN and registration details correctly. These details should be typed as they appear on your PCN, without any spaces entered and please also make sure that you are differentiating between the letter O and the number 0.

If you are still experiencing issues when attempting to input your details, please email appeal@appealpcn.co.uk with your full name, address and vehicle registration details.

What happens after I submit my appeal?

All appeals are carefully considered by a team of trained and experienced appeals assessors. All appeals are reviewed in line with the Terms and Conditions and guidance set out by the landowner. From the moment you appeal via this website, your case will automatically be placed on hold and the amount payable will be frozen. During this period, please wait to receive a response to your appeal; we will try to deal with your appeal as quickly as possible but investigations and/or busy periods mean that it may take up to 35 days to respond.

Once we respond to your appeal, should it be unsuccessful, we will give you the opportunity to pay at the rate your PCN was at when you submitted your appeal, or if your appeal has been successful, you will be informed at this point and will have nothing to pay.

If your appeal is refused and you are not satisfied with our decision, we will provide you with the necessary details to enable you to appeal to Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA), an independent adjudicator service. Please note that POPLA is only available if your PCN was issued in on a site that is located in England or Wales and only where we have received no payment for the PCN.

What is POPLA?

POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) is the independent adjudication service offered to motorists who have parked at private car parks in England and Wales. There is currently no POPLA service offered to motorists who park at privately-owned car parks in Scotland.

Drivers are only eligible to appeal to POPLA once they have first appealed to us and had their appeal rejected. If this happens, we will issue a 10-digit POPLA reference code in our response to you. Please note that if you appeal to POPLA and are unsuccessful, you will be required to pay your PCN at the full rate and will no longer be eligible to make payment at the reduced rate.

Will the Parking Charge Notice increase if I lose my appeal to POPLA?

If you appeal to POPLA and are unsuccessful, you will be required to pay your PCN at the full and higher rate and will no longer be eligible to make payment at the reduced rate.

Are you required to comply with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012?

We are bound by the British Parking Association’s Code of Practice and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Utilising The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 when issuing PCNs is optional and we are not required to comply with it. Non-compliance with this legislation in no way affects our ability to issue PCNs and does not in any way affect the validity of the PCN you have received.

If I have a Blue Badge, am I exempt from your Terms and Conditions?

Blue Badge ownership does NOT exempt drivers from the Terms and Conditions prominently displayed at private car parks, as confirmed in the Blue Badge holders’ handbook. Some landowners may wish to grant extra concessions to Blue Badge holders, but this is at their discretion and should not be viewed as an automatic right when parking or appealing. The signage on site will clearly advise of any exemptions for Blue Badge holders.

Why have the DVLA shared the registered keeper details with you?

As a member of the British Parking Association's Approved Operator Scheme, we are permitted to request the registered keeper details of vehicles where we have reasonable cause to do so. We only request details relating to vehicles when we have evidence that there has been a contravention of the Terms and Conditions on a car park we operate at. This is clearly advised on the signage displayed at the site.

Is there a requirement for a Parking Charge Notice to be a genuine pre-estimate of the loss suffered?

In the Supreme Court case, Parking Eye v Beavis, it was ruled that there is no requirement that a Parking Charge Notice should be based on any pre-estimated loss to the landowner. It was found that the amount was not extravagant or unconscionable and was a fair mechanism for deterring abuse of car parks. The amount stated on your PCN is within the recommendations set out in the British Parking Association’s Code of Practice and meets the criteria set out by the Supreme Court.